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Monday, 13 April 2009

The Jesus Bunny

I'm entertained by the idea that Easter's most prominent figure is the Easter Bunny.  Further, Christmas is better defined by Santa Claus than the birthday of the savior of mankind.  I find it charming that the birthday, death, and ressurection of God's son is not entertaining enough for us.  We have to add in novelty figures like giant bunnies that hide treasures in plastic eggs and fat, white men that sneak into our houses and leave us gifts, asking for only cookies and milk in return.  I never see kids lining up at the malls to sit on Jesus's lap (insert Catholic Priest zinger here).  I guess Jesus doesn't get us to buy candy and food coloring in April or shit-tons of needless gifts in December.    Whatever the explanation, I find the reality hilarious.


Anonymous said...

A goldfish left Lincoln Logs in my sock drawer!

Anonymous said...

if it weren't for easter,
i wouldn't know how awesome champagne glazed ham is,
and i never would have gotten to hear patton oswalt's bit on PAAS easter egg dye.