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Monday, 6 April 2009

Come here Ren you big lug

  • Steph sent me a text message saying she would like to drink red wine with me. I met her that
    same day with her big tits and a frown in 2006. I fucked her two days later and I fucked her
    about a week ago. She's never mentioned it but I'm sure she is covering for a girl I
    haven't met yet. Three years and I don't know her surname. It's got too long to bring it up
    again. She's about ten years younger than me and I do not joke to say her name may be

    Still, she is all I have right now, so to speak.
    Have you ever fucked a frozen cushion with glass stabbed in it?
    Have you ever kissed a lizard?
    Like a tongue is transporting some disease into your mouth in a hurry.

    We get on and I don't care when she goes in the morning.

    The girl I was fucking before Steph got pregnant and gave birth to a boy on June the 7th
    2005. I am a witness to it and it was grotesque, she did puke and shits whilst rolling and
    screaming on a big blue ball. I kept myself under control with the Frank Booth mask they
    provided for her.

    Momentarily Over the next year I have this baby in my home.
    I didn't enjoy that time.
    According to his Mother he did a shit in the bath and ate some of it. That was the only
    interesting thing he did that year.

    Some time in late 2006 he was born again.

    He became amazing and we began to hang out like brothers.

    He never speaks ill of his step dad, I get great comfort in that.

    He rarely speaks to steph for he knows some shit that I am vague about and I inherit his

    I'll be collecting the kid tomorrow with a grin on my face like the end of a brisk park jog
    in summer.

    I never jogged. I have been brisk in a park when I tried to lose my virginity to a girl resembling Gail Tilsley in 1989.

    You get the point.


Tomby Stone said...

I had no idea you were such a romantic.

billyboy said...

Mind the gap...and that snapper as well.

Walch said...

I had no idea I was raising a fish.

billyboy said...

Fish are much easier to care for, but the procreation act is far less satisfying.

Walch said...

Mermaids can't find a knicker to fit. I see the connection now.