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Sunday, 23 December 2007

that one.

Fitting in with my previous themes....

There's probably at least one character I'd like to have sex with.
Shit, there's probably dozens.
Maybe my memory has been blocked by an horrific childhood sex act that has forced me to block out everything. I don't remember.
I don't remember anything.
What was a cartoon again?
Anyone remember what happens with sex?

Daria Morgendorffer

Daria. Ahhh, yes.

She's smart, she's cute, she wears glasses and she isn't real.
Everything a man could want in a woman.

And a wit so caustic it can destroy entire cities.

See the thing is I want to fuck her. Really. Deeply. Passionately.
But I've never actually pictured the event in my mind.

I can't describe the scene to you because, in truth, I have no idea how it would play out. All I can say is that without a doubt in my mind, I want to fuck Daria. Hard.

True, she may not have the most attractive physique. However, I think my attraction is firmly one of the mind and not the body. If I could fuck her brain, I probably would. But I would gladly settle for her two-dimensional vagina. Settle? Shit, I'd consider it an honour.

I would gladly go down on her all night, regardless of the amount of paper cuts I received. It makes me wonder what cartoon cum would taste like? Like candy perhaps? Or ink?

Monday, 17 December 2007

My slice of heaven from the cartoon universe would have to be She-Hulk. When I was in Grade 3 I collected these stupid Marvel Cards which featured Marvel characters on them and their special powers on the back. I believe they were called Marvel Power cards. I remember I had a few rare cards and I traded them for one She-Hulk card which was quite common, yet I did not have. I remember hiding it in my room away from the other cards in fear of my parents finding it. There wasn't anything pornographic about it; I can remember her lifting a car over her head and there might have been cartoonish nipple drawn. I am not 100% sure. Regardless of this, I felt it was "dirty" and hid it for fear of my parents finding it. Looking back upon it now, my parents probably would have thought I was a bigger creep for hiding a She-Hulk card away from the other cards than keeping it in the open.

I don't know why I find her attractive. Normally a chick who is all green probably has some type of STD or gangrene. But for some reason she has nice curves to her. I dated a girl who was taller and a lot stronger than me. It wasn't too bad besides the physical abuse she laid on me.

Although I find She-Hulk hot I am afraid that she might have a similiar trait to female bodybuilders: an oversized clit. I worry about it being so big that she might sodomize me with it and seeing as she has super strength, I couldn't fight her off. Then again, I worry more that I might like it.