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Sunday, 23 December 2007

Daria Morgendorffer

Daria. Ahhh, yes.

She's smart, she's cute, she wears glasses and she isn't real.
Everything a man could want in a woman.

And a wit so caustic it can destroy entire cities.

See the thing is I want to fuck her. Really. Deeply. Passionately.
But I've never actually pictured the event in my mind.

I can't describe the scene to you because, in truth, I have no idea how it would play out. All I can say is that without a doubt in my mind, I want to fuck Daria. Hard.

True, she may not have the most attractive physique. However, I think my attraction is firmly one of the mind and not the body. If I could fuck her brain, I probably would. But I would gladly settle for her two-dimensional vagina. Settle? Shit, I'd consider it an honour.

I would gladly go down on her all night, regardless of the amount of paper cuts I received. It makes me wonder what cartoon cum would taste like? Like candy perhaps? Or ink?


Tomby Stone said...

I've never even watched Daria. I love Mike Judge but I heard he didn't really have anything to do with that series so it never really interested me. She never really lit me on fire in her Beavis and Butthead appearances either though. I don't know why because she's probably my type. I guess every woman on Earth just looks plain next to the beauty that is Beavis.

John said...

cartoon cum would taste like paper cuts.