Rotten Bastards

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Thursday, 31 July 2008

how i'm a rotten bastard

i am a rotten bastard by using this as this month's post much like it's a contractual obligation. i have nothing to say that has any merit.

oh yeah, kill whitey.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Good Times

I've seen a man blowing a dolphin.

I've seen a girl lay down in a bathtub, lift her anus skyward and then rain down fecal matter in a fountain onto her head.

I've seen two woman defecate into one cup and then proceed to ingest the contains whilst making out with one another.

I've seen woman do the same with vomit.

I've seen people deliberately pass gas in other people's faces as part of a sex act.

I've seen people defecate on each other. In each other's mouths. All as a part of a sex act.

I've seen a woman tied to a pole and another woman kick her in the cunt.

I've seen a man fucked to death by a horse (he died later in hospital, so the story goes).

I've seen people fellate dogs.

I've seen men deliberately slice open their own penises. Cut off the heads. Open their own ball sacks and remove their testicles.

I've seen what can only be described as remnants of human beings strewn across roadways. Their skulls crushed by tanks. Their limbs torn off by bombs.

What's worse? The things we do to ourselves? Or the things we do to each other?