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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

back-handed free associations (silver lining #11,004)

Tomorrow is my son, Jackson's first birthday, which makes me think of cake. Which makes me think of Hedberg. Which makes me think of Shawcroft.

Which makes me think of Panamint.

Which has made me smile almost as many times as the last 364 days with my new best friend on earth.

So, there's that.


Tomby Stone said...

Damn, sorry I missed the birthday. So he'll be what ?? 1 year and five days old now ??? Before you know it he'll be hating your guts and blasting stuff that doesn't sound like music to you through his bedroom walls.

Sariel Thrawn said...

I think it might be Joe pumping the music no-one wants to hear.

Wish junior a happy birthday from me.

You know, one year is probably old enough for his first time in the desert, you should let him go dad. Don't be such a square man.