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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

"Hurry up you slow arsed bastard"

Everybody is in a fucking rush.

"Can you do this?" ... 5 minutes... "have you done it yet?

"Are you coming round?" ... 5 minutes... "When are you coming round?"... 2 minutes... "Coming yet?"

I really don't understand it, everyone is in such a fucking rush to get their pointless shit done and for what? To do more pointless fucking shit that doesn't matter. If they would actually bother to take their time they might just begin to appreciate things instead of constantly pushing for the next 5 minutes of interest.

It won't be long before us premature ejaculators will be the hottest commodity because nobody is gonna have time to fuck properly. We'll just be wanking in a corner and summoned over when it looks like we're about to cum so we can deposit our meagre load in some whore's cum bucket so she can get pregnant and farm out her kids to the test tube company who'll then grow it to the age of 16 for her and fill it full of 'knowledge' to help it work better. We don't have time to raise kids anymore y'see. Better they get stuff implanted in their brain than neglect them so they turn into junkies.

Even stoners are in a rush these days. "Skin up maaaaann.... you take aaaages maaaaaan" Fuck's sake, you're meant to be fucking stoned, chill out you prick.

What makes it worse is people don't even know why they're rushing. Nobody wants to work for a living yet they'll work so hard and fast that they're just gonna be given more work to do, they'll talk about wanting to retire early when the average person gets bored out of his fucking brain just sat about on a weekend and has to fill it with hangovers and shopping trips with the missus.

Not a single cunt in the world has a clue what they're doing, why they're doing and where its taking them but they know its gotta be done fast so they can do more stuff.


Tomby Stone said...

Thanks for this, now I can refer to this post everytime I'm rushed to write something here. You here that sarielthrawn ?? You may have found this fella but he's on MY side.

Sariel Thrawn said...

Well Hack found him. But in my defence, I'm not trying to 'rush you'. I'm just trying to get you to do something... anything, instead of just sitting on your arse wishing you were doing more.

Great post Anton, well done and welcome.