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Sunday, 17 June 2007


What pisses me off.


OK, today:

1. When I go to the doctor I don't appreciate being made to wait for an hour before being seen and then being told that they don't know what's wrong and that I should stick it out and see what happens. After 5 days of increasing pain, stick it out and see if it gets worse. Cheers.

2. The noise of the construction workers downstairs fixing the balconies that were supposed to be started on a week ago and that require me to be home all day every day until they decide to grace my balcony with their skills.

3. The fucking dog that will not stop barking/whining/yelping. I swear to God if I knew which house it was in I'd call the damn RSPCA.

All the time?

OK, all the time:

I was never an angsty teenager. I grew up in the nineties and I loved Nirvana but I never felt alienated. Or misunderstood. I had/have a fantastic relationship with my mother. I was never chipper but I was never the miserable, angry, depressed kid that I could have been. But now? Now it's all caught up with me and everything irritates me. I don't really get it and I don't know how cool it is to have mid-twenties angst but somehow I've subscribed.

Friends and family annoy me. Strangers annoy me. Animals, children and inanimate objects piss me off.

I can't really see a tidy way to tie this up. Frankly, even writing this is pissing me off. The music is too loud on the stereo and there's nothing I want to eat in the fridge. To top it all off, the pain is getting worse. Fucking doctor. Glad I could make her day.

*If you'd like an explanation for the title read The Meaning Of Liff by Douglas Adams.


Anonymous said...

You know what would make you feel better?


p.s. try another doctor, some are better than others.

p.p.s. have a steak.

Sariel Thrawn said...

That post below was me using Joe's login. So don't be angry at him. I'm the cunty one.



Tomby Stone said...

Well you've just said everything I wanted to say far better than I ever could. That pisses me off.