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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

hostility directed at no one or anyone

god damn you fucking piece of shit,
the next time in traffic you cut me off
i hope a finger of yours gets cut off.

oh, so you don't like a band anymore because they are popular?
no longer catering to your eclectic taste in music?

scott ian of anthrax said that as soon as you charge money for your music
people call you sell outs.
but then again, this is from a guy who may be responsible for rap/rock
and fred durst.

i am angry at you
for me not becoming
what i was told to be
by you.

i am angry
that this writing is similiar to what you may see
in a teenagers diary.

Dear Diary,

Karen dumped Tom 2day because she said he was trying to get to third base with her and she wasn't ready cause she could get pregnant by doing it. I would so let Tom do it to me and not cuz i'm a slut but cuz he's soooo dreamy.


Tomby Stone said...

Thank you, the bit about the eclectic music snob is me, sorry about that.

Sariel Thrawn said...

You know I was kinda having trouble relating to this until I read that last bit.