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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Good Press

As many of you may already be aware... Chris Benoit of the WWF, WWE fame died over the weekend. I understand the topic at the moment is "things that really piss you off" so i'm going to run with this one.

Not that I’m pissed off that he's dead, far from it. One less meathead steroid junkie running around can't be a bad thing. I know loads of people think he's a great guy and did a lot for the "sport" (the same way Desperate Housewives is considered a sport), but I really couldn't give two short fucks. Now the story we are being force fed on the issue at the moment is that he basically went a bit fucking OJ and suffocated his kid with a garbage bag, choked his wife with a telephone cord and then hung himself with his rowing machine or something. To me these seem to be the actions of a complete prick. Don't get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against complete pricks. God knows a lot of my friends are complete pricks. I also know that if any of my complete prick friends did something like this they would be instantly vilified in the media as murdering cowards... so where the fuck are the headlines "Chris Benoit - Murdering Coward" ?

Not that I agree this is true, I’m just looking for a little consistency here, I know it hasn't been formally proven that he killed them and blah blah evidence etc... But you know he fucking did it! Too many steroids, bad day at the office, kid won't shut the fuck up about his day at school... for anyone who knows any meathead steroid freaks, you know full well it doesn't take a massive amount of poking and prodding, to push them into a full blown fit of muscle-bound rage. You should try it some time; it's funny to watch, kinda like watching a blind man with his arm on fire trying to find the extinguisher.

I've completely lost my point... as anyone who's read anything I’ve ever written knows I’m extremely prone to. I'm sure I’ll be proved completely wrong as the story develops and it actually turns out 3 murderers, completely oblivious of each other, and by a complete stroke of chance, broke into his house on the same weekend and killed him and his family in utterly separate events. But in the grand scheme of things... who fucking cares... it's not even a real sport.



Sariel Thrawn said...

Wrestling? Steroids? Murder/suicide? Desperate Housewives?

Are you trying to turn me on?

Tomby Stone said...

I heard he had the wife in a full nelson and the kid came running in with a chair. Thw whole thing apparently ended up with Rick Flair being slammed through a table, a terrible tradgedy.

It's good to have you on board, I always knew you were a rotten bastard.