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Sunday, 17 May 2009

One step at a time perhaps

And now, my question:

Having turned forty, I can feel an impending mid-life crisis bearing down on me like a rabid Rottweiler riding a runaway freight train. How best to deal with it? Buying a Corvette is so cliché and I can't afford one anyway. An extra-marital affair is right out since I don't have the energy and can no more afford a divorce than I can the Corvette. I need something original and unexpected.

So what can I do to sow the last of my wild oats and burn off my quickly vanishing youth?

- billy(no longer a)boy

Instead of an extra-marital affair, how about a marital affair? Get the wife and kids together, order up a couple of hookers, get yourself an eight ball of coke watch your youth burn away.

Alternatively, you can attempt some form of extreme sport to help you feel alive once more.

The problem is when your done sowing those oats and defying those deaths you'll have to go back to your good ol' day to day. Well you don't have to, but you probably will. You'll realise that you really didn't have it all that bad and that your life didn't suck that bad.

You'll realise that more than half your life is over. And you'll have to make a choice. Whether to live the rest of the time you have left as best as you can. Or you'll come to the realisation that your best years are behind you and that you should just give up.

Get busy living or get busy dying. That's what you can do.

My question is as follows:

If there is in fact no deity or prime mover (which is almost certainly the case). And if the universe is indifferent to our existence and our non-existence. And if there is no over-arching morality or good or evil. Then, what purpose do our lives serve and if they have no ultimate purpose, how does a materialistic atheist justify his own continued existence in this universe (or any other) and find some semblance of meaning to allow him to keep trudging along?

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billyboy said...

So...nipple rings it is then.

In regard to your own question, the answer is quite simple, but not one that you are going to want to hear.

Regardless of the existence of any mythical creator, your sole purpose in life is procreation. All the rest is ultimately bullshit. Just like the salmon swimming upstream only to die after spawning if the bear doesn't eat it first. Just like the insects who are consumed by their mates after mating is consummated. Your whole reason for being is for raising more beings. It may not be a philosophical argument, but your ultimate purpose is to keep making people. I can tell you from experience that it is supremely satisfying and it takes up all that time you now have for existential angst.

Life is a virus. Pass it on.