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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

the bad times

"I'm worst at what i do best" is how his suicide note began. He further imitated Kurt Cobain's teenage angst with similar clichéd and self-deprecating comments about how useless he was in the letter. The usual "nobody will miss me", "no one loves me" and "i am stupid" lines were present every other line. Even though he felt he was stupid and that no one would miss him, he still made sure to check the spelling of certain words and used a thesaurus to make sure certain words were not overused. He wanted his last writing to be remembered for its content, not its sloppiness.

His note concluded with probably the most common quote in suicide notes since the mid
1990s. "It's better to burn out than to fade away" which he mistakenly attributed to
Kurt Cobain. Even though he was meticulous in making sure there were no spelling or
grammar errors in the letter, his research skills were obviously lacking. He left his
laptop open with the suicide note on the screen.

He stripped naked. "I am going to end my life the way I entered it" he though to
himself. This was most likely not his idea but one from a shitty indie flick that
some film student made.

He wrapped the belt around his door knob and tied the other around his neck.
Tightening it up he gradually lost his breath.

Darkness soon came.

A few hours later, his father entered the room to see his son naked. The laptop had
ran out of power and shut off. All the father saw was his nude son with a belt around
his neck.

"Fucking metal music" he thought to himself. "All the boy listened to was heavy shit like INXS and had to imitate Michael Hutchence".


Tomby Stone said...

I think I've told you this before but I used to have an army jacket with Kurt Cobain's suicide note printed on the back. When I finally off myself I'll be able to use a photo of myself in that jacket as a suicide note. Not because the note printed on the back has any relevance to my life or anything, just for the fact that people will take one look at my prickish teenage self trying to look cool and understand my untimely death was most likely a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, David Carradine also fell victim to the Satanic metal sexual influence of INXS.

RIP, Grasshopper.