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Friday, 22 May 2009

DAY 611

The door is there, I can see it. It has a knob that I can just pull or push, I forget now. It is a golden thing and I see it everyday. The woman with the urgency comes in almost everyday through it and does her thing. I like it when she cleans beneath the carriage clock on the side table yet I hate the ticking of the thing. There is a television on the other table over by the small cubic area that pushes open the rectangle of the room. I saw myself on it and I saw my Mum and Dad.

I cry for them.

The window above my bed blows a wind through, though it is not open.

I'm given a list of food to eat, drinks to drink and games to play.

Every few days men come to visit me and are really nice.

A black man with greying tufts of hair comes a lot with toys in a bag and paints my nails.

Another man who makes me laugh a lot brings cheese. I really like him. We have fun and he combs my hair for what seems like ages.

Another man who tells me about a glam rock group he was in makes me wear big boots and I saw him on the television.



Tomby Stone said...

This is very nice, also kinda ... not nice ... in a nice way. Maybe it just reminds me of the days I had a black man to paint my nails for me, I feel a deep sadness that those days are gone. Thanks a lot, emancipation proclamation.

Anonymous said...

"And yesterday a very pale man without a nose came by and asked if I had a brother."

If the song is called "Rock and Roll" then why does it sound like marching band music?

Walch said...

I'm only six.