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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Is There A Future?

It may sound cliche but I think my future might be like the past. This is hard to explain without giving an example so I will go ahead and do it.

When I was in grade one my parents, sister and I went on a two week summer vacation to British Columbia. Although I remember a few events of the trip the most vivid memory I have is something that wasn't important. This memory is of the fact that my parents bought a big box which contained individual bags of potato chips, ketchup flavored. I also remember this is around the time the movie Dick Tracy came out. The chips had a promotion where there were scratch and win tickets inside each bag of chips which you could win prizes if certain Dick Tracey characters showed up.

This was not a huge event that occured during the vacation but it makes me think that maybe in the future I will have a vivid memory of writing this while I am washing the cum stains out of my girlfriends' sheets.


Father Luke said...

Sorry about the cum stains.
That was me.
- -
Father Luke

Sariel Thrawn said...

Nice work John. The only thing is no-one will ever believe you have a girlfriend.

Or that you're able to cum.


Tomby Stone said...

John, as profound as ever. There's really a lot of wisdom hidden beneath that huge cowboy hat, wife beater vest and huge cigar.

I think I heard David Lynch or Hitler or someone talk about this before. How we live in the mind and the mind skips backwards and forwards into possible futures and may never have happened pasts rather than just plodding a steady safe course into the future, or as Charlie Manson put it, 'Those in the mind, who think they have a mind are not in the mind because the mind has no time' .... yeah I think you put it better too.

Tomby Stone said...

Oh ans if you'll forgive the internetiness of this ... Dood you got totally pwned by fr Luke.

tammy said...

ketchup-flavored potato chips?

Anonymous said...

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