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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

In the future I would like a Date.

I know thats not really much to ask for, I should ask for lots of money, success and I guess world peace.

I don't really care about them, I just want a date.

What I want in a date-ee is important to I guess.

I would like him to be tall, addicted to a whole range of substances and come from a fairly broken background.

My theory behind this, well not so much a theory as a fairly twisted want.

I just don't WANT to be the fucked up one.

Plus broken addictive men have some of the most interesting stories, and I just love stories.

Where do I want this date?

I want it walking.

Anywhere as long as we are walking.

What menu do I desire?

Entree: Snow peas in a plastic bag from a coles express.

Main: Kebab from a corner shop.

Dessert: Magnum Ego from seveneleven.

Finnished with an awkward kiss.

Thats all I want in the future.


Sariel Thrawn said...

It's enough to ask for. Even the future needs dates.

joseph dozat said...

I'm 6'2"

Sariel Thrawn said...

Joseph fits your description. Almost too well. Ahhh the stories he could tell.

Are you a walker Joe?

Tomby Stone said...

I'm about two feet tall, I don't eat meat and I can't stand icecream. Let's rock baby.

On second thoughts fuck you, you goddamn sizeist animal killer.

On third thoughts ... godDAMN Joe really does fit that description. This can only end in an amusing mixture of greatness and tragedy. Keep us posted.

Father Luke said...

The bidding is closed.
I fucker her.

- -
Father Luke

joseph dozat said...

In the future, Father Luke will still be able to get it up.