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Monday, 24 September 2007

the future of entertainment or schadenfreude.

in the future little secret cameras will watch everybody all the time.

people will pay a subscription fee to watch increasingly traumatic events happen to someone else picked at random in a lottery which they will be unaware of.

each subscriber will get a different 'entertainer' although compilation tapes will be made available.

it will be sickening but unavoidably compelling.


Sariel Thrawn said...

"it will be sickening but unavoidably compelling."

How like life.

Particularly mine and very possibly yours too (not to mention everyone else on here).

In which case, I refuse to purchase a subscription. I'm sure there will be plenty of illegal downloads available.

Father Luke said...
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Father Luke said...

Pleasure taken from someone else's
misfortune is an old idea. Take for
instance The Truman Show.

Schadenfreude presented as you have
in the present, twists time in on

The past has become the future, in
the present, leaving one with a
sense that I'm fucking late for
work, and I have to get the hell
out of here. Now. Shit. Sorry I
couldn't leave a proper comment.

- -
Father Luke