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Thursday, 20 September 2007

the great event

when i can't write, i read. i've been reading quite a lot lately.

since there's been a dearth of posts on this month's topic, and since i can't write just yet, i thought i'd post this little poem about the future:

It's going to happen very soon. The great event which will end the horror. Which will end the sorrow. Next Tuesday, when the sun goes down, I will play the Moonlight Sonata backwards. This will reverse the effects of the world's mad plunge into suffering, for the last 200 million years. What a lovely night that will be. What a sigh of relief, as the senile robins become bright red again, and the retired nightingales, pick up their dusty tails, and assert the majesty of creation!

-leonard cohen, the great event

See You
Next Tuesday,


Sariel Thrawn said...

Even when you can't write it's good shit.

Welcome back kiddo.
You was missed.


Tomby Stone said...

Weiheeheeheeheeered, I came up with the topic while listening to the song 'The future' by Leonard Cohen. Though that poem was quite loverly I still don't think it beats, 'Give me crack and anal sex, take the only tree that's left and stuff it up the whole in your culture'. But then I guess it depends on what you view as a greater event.

Tomby Stone said...


Also ... CUNT. Sorry, I hate subtlety.

Father Luke said...

"...i can't write just yet... ."

Looking forward that...
in the presumed future.

- -
Father Luke

tammy said...

always good to read. reading helps the writing. hope all is well with you.