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Monday, 12 January 2009

30 years young and as joyful as ever


What the fuck?

Who among us can honestly say they deserve a goddamn thing?

I don't and I'm sure as shit that neither do you.

Life is not a fucking gift. We are not fortunate.

We just are.

That's it.

Don't go looking for answers kid, because you ain't gonna find any. All you're gonna find is a deep, dark abyss. And when you're staring down into that hole, the only thing you'll see looking back is yourself.

Make your choices, take your shots, live your life.

Or don't.

It's entirely up to you.

1 comment:

Tomby Stone said...

I dunno man, as much as I like the way this was written I'm of the opinion that we do deserve certain things and that there are answers out there for those willing to look.

I mean, there weren't any answers before we created them but still they're out there now.

I'd also say we are fortunate. Well some of us, well ... you are anyway. You're in Australia, they got Koalas there.