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Thursday, 22 January 2009

judgement day

the idea of a judgement day to me means that someone slaves their life away in the hopes that after the game is over they get a prize. it's kind of like when you are younger and you only play a sport such as baseball or football in the hopes that after the game is done you go out for ice cream and not a vicious ass fucking by your local priest or drunken uncle.

in order to judge there must be a certain viewpoint which is right. now this ultimately means that one path, and possibly one religion, is the right away.

"we pray to as many different gods as there are flowers
but we call religion our friend"

i should get trashed for this quote, and rightfully so as it is from a jewel song. and as a side note, am i the only one who thinks that all her songs sound like they should be for tampon commercials? getting back to the point or lack of one, is it to say that on the day of reckoning that we might be judged on something which most of us feel is wrong but others don't?

maybe the catholic church (or as i like to call them, NAMBLA) and the few priests who practice lil boy fucking will be the ones right and we will be punished for not partaking in this extra curricular activity. or maybe those great tribes in africa that worship a shrub and believe woman shouldn't be allowed to have that pesky clitoris will be the chosen ones.

if this is judgement day i think something should be done about it. all the gods in the world should have a royal rumble like wrestling match where the winning god can judge all the mere mortals. this will make sure that the god you chose is a fucking winner. the only problem with this idea is that the atheists will be fucked.

"I swear to fuckin God I raise Hell
and make the white man call me MASTER"


Tomby Stone said...

"maybe the catholic church (or as i like to call them, NAMBLA)"

That was just beautiful. I'd be congratulating you on a great post right now if you hadn't quoted a Jewel song. Sadly, you have indeed quoted a Jewel song and as you rightly point out, will be trashed.

(clears throat)

Hahaahahahargh you like Jewel, you think she's deep and edgy. You live your life by Jewel's words of wisdom. Hey John, I've got two tickets for a Jewel show, you wanna go and make out in the back row ?? You have Jewel posters up on your walls and you kiss them goodnight every time your official Jewel alarm clock tells you it's 7pm and time to tuck yourself up in your Jewel bedsheets and dream your little Jewel fan dreams ... and so on and so forth.

Rotten Bastards said...

Atheists are always fucked.

Damn heathens.