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Sunday, 28 December 2008

in a perfect world

in a perfect world there would be an opportunity to reverse time and change the shitty decisions we all have made. whether it be that inappropriate comment or the phoning to an ex-girlfriend drunk at 3:00 AM and quoting some shitty Creed or Staind lyrics in the hopes you will get one last hand job through the top of your pants behind some shit stained bar.

there's a saying (or i just made it up) that "we grow by learning from our mistakes". i've fucked up a lot and i'm sure a lot of others have too. how are we learning from it though? is life just a set of unfortunate fuck ups and when we die we ultimately have learned all of our mistakes? or is there perfection in finding the little things that some call defects, flaws or jailable offenses?

i say fuck the perfect world, it would be a boring place. we don't strive to watch other people succeed. if we did, wouldn't there be a talk show on how joe schmoe didn't miss a day of work for five years instead of some dumb 15 year old whore who still doesn't know her baby's father after seven paternity tests?

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Tomby Stone said...

I do think we learn, just paaaaaaainfully slowly and with many relapses. At least there's comfort in knowing you're not the only one to have made those stupid drunken phone calls to ex girlfriends, even if you are the only one to quote a Creed or Staind song in order to get some undeserved attention from the ladies. Most of us have more class than that, I usually quote a little Weird Al Yankovic or Johnny Rebel.