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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Damn you, ROBOT HITLER!!!

Perfect is a wierd concept to me. I mean, have you ever seen 'The Twilight Zone'? Man gets his very own perfect world. Man discovers everything going great is monotonus and boring. Man loses mind. So on that note, my perfect world would be on with shit happening left and right. Turn a corner? Gunfight between cops and the F.B.I. Go to the store for cigarettes? Bomb threat that I have to deal with. Excitement is a key to life and I thrive on it. Of course, I have low latent inhibition, so I need constant input because reality itself is like a drug to me. And as with other drugs, I like to use to excess.

On the flip side... You know? There really is no flip side. I value horrifying experiences the same as good times with friends. It may seem weird to you, but any visceral, raw experience is good. Bombing in a standup gig in Harlem because of a bad nigger joke, well thats the same as performing at C.B.G.B.'s opening for the Ramones in the seventies for me. I may have a broken brain, but fuck if I don't enjoy it like a retard shitting his pants.


Sariel Thrawn said...

There is no flip side.

Enough said really.

billyboy said...

I'm guessing that you were prescribed Ritalin as a kid.

Tomby Stone said...

Even though my bitter jealousy and hatred of life keeps me from admitting this was a cool little piece I just can't deny it bears the greatest title ever.