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Saturday, 15 March 2008

Said the bullet to the penis...

Fetish: A sexual fixation on a concept, object, or body part. A person with a fetish feels a compulsive need to use the object in order to obtain sexual gratification, and cannot achieve pleasure without it. ...

Sexual fetish? How about just having sex in the first place? That would be nice wouldn't it? Regular old penises entering regular old vaginas? Streaming ropes of jizzum hitting chins?

But I guess if one were hard pressed to find a 'fetish' one would have to definitely need to examine one's own personality first and determine what would float one's boat, so to speak.

Bearing that in mind, my new perversion would have to be... bullet wounds.

Take one fresh bullet wound. The location is a matter of personal taste. I prefer the chest and back areas myself. Once said bullet wound has been located, proceed to insert erect penis into the cavity. Thrust and repeat.

The beauty is that the blood acts as a lubricant and the wound itself is lovely and warm. Sure if the body you're fucking is still alive and conscious then there is bound to be some writhing and screaming, but that's supposed to happen anyways, right?


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t said...

How do i get involved in this rotten bastards business?

Rotten said...

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