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Thursday, 30 October 2008

We like to drink

Fucking alcohol.



Ingesting poison. On a regular basis. In large doses.

Is it healthy?

Is it sane?

How many times do I have to wake up on the floor and not remember how I got there?

How many times can you throw up all over yourself and still retain your dignity?

What is it about alcohol that keeps us all going back?

What is it about life?

Is the convenience? The ubiquity?

The taste? The pleasure?

A great social lubricant, to be sure. But then again there are others, more potent and less damaging.

We like to drink.

We like to get drunk.

Consequences be damned.


John said...

i drink to forget i'm a drunk

Tomby Stone said...

Hey it's all poison. Every breath of oxygen takes you that much closer to death. The trick is to find YOUR poison. You strike me as a crackpipe kind of a guy.

Nice post Cracky.