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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

getting drunk

the first time i got drunk was not intentional. i was in grade six or seven and my parents had gone away on a trip to mexico. my sister and i had the house to ourselves but my grandma had us over for supper almost every day. my grandma is some eccentric to say the least. anyways, we had supper and she offered us dessert. i ended up having ice cream and being the spoiled brat that i am, i asked if she had any chocolate syrup to put on top. after a while she came back and dumped half a bottle of some creamy stuff on it. after having it i started to feel a way didn't before. i didn't know it until the next day but i guess she ended up dumping the rest of her bailey's on top of my ice cream.

i blame her today when i do stupid shit when i'm drunk. she should have just molested me instead.


Sariel Thrawn said...

If your gonna blame her for anything, blame her for not getting your sister drunk too and making the two of you play doctor.

She made you the man you are. God bless her.

Tomby Stone said...

Disclaimer - Tomby Stone would like to clarify that he is in no way homophobic and in fact would totally do Johnny Depp. The following comment is made purely in the interest of shock comedy and does not represent the views or opinions of the prick making it. Now, on to the comment.

You drank Bailey's, that means you're gay now. Fag.