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Saturday, 19 January 2008

Fuck Yeah!

I think of opposites.

I think of humanity.

I think about all the shit and all the bile and all the love and all the beauty.

It's like the total dichotomy of all existence
no yin and yang, embracing differences bullshit here.
Total fucking polar opposites man.

The poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich
standing side-by-side
and reminiscing
about "the good old days when they didn't tax your labor
and the niggers worked for us."

From one side to the other.
Back and front
everything you could possibly imagine.

Baby killing
genocidal muthafuckers
on world domination.

Peaceniks, beatniks, freethinkers.
Lovers of the earth
and protectors of her children.

We the people, we are the ones who rule
we are the deciders
we are responsible.

See us as murderers
or heroes
or both.
See us as

freedom personified.

The freedom to choose includes the freedom to choose badly,
very fucking badly.

We are the american dream and the american nightmare
walking hand in hand
like some kinda bad soap opera romance
big chins and tall hair
staring at the red light waiting
to hear someone yell "cut."


Tomby Stone said...

I really love the last paragraph of this. Well I like the whole thing but I can't admit to that because you put the N word somewhere in there (ironic though you were being) I can't associate myself with you. You're set to become the Michael Richards of this blog. It's bad enough me being the George Costanza.

Meshach said...

Wow, you used so many dialectics here, I might have to revive Senator McCarthy. Way to make my post look like it was written by an Idahoan yokel from Pocatello. Oh wait...

John said...

"See us as murderers
or heroes
or both.
See us as

freedom personified."

i love this line, you psycopath. awesome job.