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Sunday, 20 January 2008

America the Beautiful

America has always been kind to me even though it sometimes is abusive. Crossing the border into the country has never been a problem because I am a blonde, blue eyed European male. Maybe they know that because I'm white I statistically will have more money to spend?

I'll drive back across the border and be bored of the useless shit that I bought. I could have bought it in Canada but sometimes you can save money on the exchange.

America won't stop molesting me at home, either. I'll turn on the television and have the choice to watch fulfilling shows like Friends, Survivor or America's Next Top Model.

If I get hungry and want to fill my fat face, I'll be confused by all the choices.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't able to make choices. The citizens of Communist Russia had it easy. They had a gun pointed at their fucking head to do something.

Sometimes I wish it was that way here, that way I would have an excuse for my apathy.


Sariel Thrawn said...

"America won't stop molesting me"

Neither will the rest of us.

Tomby Stone said...

Oh don't act like you don't love Friends. You cried like a bitch for months when Rachel found out Ross liked her but when she got to the airport she found he'd hooked up with the only ugly Japanese girl this side of Yoko Ono.

Oh and if it's excuses for apathy you're after I'm your man. I have plenty to spare. Just ask.