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Thursday, 29 November 2007

The Unexplainable

Jeff: Hey man, have you ever thought about shit in life that will never be explained?

Jake: Do you mean like the pyramids and aliens, that shit?

Jeff: Nah, I'm thinking about something involving Jess.

Jake: Fuck, not again. You know she's a dyke right? You've seen Chasing Amy and listened to that Weezer song. There's no way you can make her straight dude. It's mission impossible.

Jeff: Ya i know that... I just mean last night I was at her house and we ended up sleeping together?

Jake: WHAT?! You were able to fuck her?!

Jeff: Nah, I didn't even try.

Jake: Then what the fuck is the problem?

Jeff: Well I know she's a lesbian and I have no chance so I don't even try.

Jake: Go on...

Jeff: Even knowing all this I woke up beside her with a bad case of morning wood...

Jake: That will never be explained dude, never will it be explained.


Tomby Stone said...

There ain't no such thing as lesbians, there's just chicks that haven't met me yet. (okay I think I just created five or so more lesbians by saying that).

Pink triangle rules, that whole album does. I don't even really like Weezer but that is a good album. Oh and I liked this, thanks.

Sariel Thrawn said...

Lesbians rule.

Morning wood equals awesome.

That is all.