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Saturday, 12 May 2007

my hometown

i have lived in the same town and the same house for all my life. i do not love the town nor do i hate it. it just exists. i have known people that as soon as they were done school they wanted to leave from here because this town is a "shit hole". little do they realize that 99% of places are shit holes. why? people make a town and the majority of people are shit heads.

some of the people who i know who left went to B.C., the United States, Australia and other places. they come back telling of how these places are so much better and of all the things they have seen. from here they begin a rant on how this town is a road to no where. maybe i haven't done much with my life but then again seeing a few exotic animals and having some weird type of liquors doesn't mean too much. we both have accomplished fuck all. the one difference is that i don't have the blinders on.

i know i will not be a huge success in life and that my name will not be universally known. the sooner this is realized, the sooner one can live their life. i will live and i will die and maybe fifty years after my death i will not even be a memory. at least i am accepting this and won't be on my death bed wondering if i could have accomplished more in life. i already know the answer.


Sariel Thrawn said...

No-one makes me want to cut myself more than you.

Thank you.


Steven said...
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Steven said...

Love your blog, but the problem with it is Korea does not have any sweatshops so it would be really hard to buy a che shirt from a korean sweatshop !!!