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Thursday, 17 May 2007

Gypsy Blood

I've lived in over 80 houses, in 3 countries, in I don't know how many towns.

One town banned the Ninja Turtles.
One was the murder capital of the world.
In one I got beat up for being white.
In another you could hear the cows screaming in the slaughter house behind the fence.
In one town a seven year old kid taught us how to make bombs like his ex-army dad taught him.
In one town The Crocodile Hunter wrestled a wild boar in our back yard.
In one I got a broken arm, the chicken pox and an eye for dodging Red Back Spiders.
In one I was told that I'd never amount to anything.
In one I nearly drowned.
In one town our whole street burned down.
In another the hills burned.

For every one I remember, there are three I don't. And I guess I grew up a little in each of them.


Tomby Stone said...

Great writing but damn you've lived a dull life. I mean really surely you had SOMETHING exciting happen to you while you were growing up. Wild boar wrestling this, uncontrollable fires that, one time I found a Will Smith CD while walking home from school, THAT'S excitement.

Sariel Thrawn said...

Gypsy! Give me your tears!

If you do not give them to me I will take them!