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Thursday, 1 February 2007

i'm me. not you, but me.

sometimes in a crowd i feel like the people around are talking about me. i guess i'm self-absorbed in that way. like my life and mere existence is a reason for people to gossip. i ain't no paris hilton and i don't have no damn disease.

isn't it egotistical to be paranoid? thinking that someone or something is after you? much like writing something that only a few people are going to see, yet you think your voice makes a difference.

let's face it, even big brother isn't interested in my boring life. the only 1984 involved in my life is that shitty Van Halen album.

"paranoia pays for your freedom" - casey chaos


Tomby Stone said...

Aah that well known historian, Casey Chaos. Wasn't he that guy in the hockey mask the turtles used to hang around with ??

antepode said...

Casey Jones

John said...

i think you are thinking of jesus, tomby.