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Saturday, 6 January 2007

What is a very good year?

So another year gone and a new one just begun.

Another opportunity gone begging and a million more on the horizon.

Get up off your arse you goddamnlazysonofabitch! Do something. Anything.

You tell yourself that this is the year that you're really gonna make it happen. "I'm gonna rise up above all the shit and do something with my life."

Of course you said the same thing last year. And the year before. And before that. Constantly promising improvements and never delivering.

That's not to say that you're a miserable fuck. Well I'm sure a few of you are, but not everyone. It's just that there's so much that remains unfulfilled. All the shit you wanted to do and didn't.

The book you wanted to write, the play you wanted to audition for, the girl you wanted to fuck.

Missed opportunities and disappointments. They are what makes a man. The fuck ups, the rejections, the regrets.

These are the things that make you want to be a better person. To rise up against all the bullshit and take a stand and say, "I will be better than I once was!"

And most of you are.

The 2007 model is most likely the best version of you that you've been able to produce given your circumstances. Sure, some of you will always be complete cunts and are beyond redemption. But luckily you are in the minority.

The rest of you need to improve. Even if you're only deluding yourself, it's still worth it. Nobody's perfect, least of all me.

So be bold. Take the risk. Land on your face.

And as the late James Brown used to say "Get on up!"

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure that James Brown, or Mr. Please, Please as I was told to call him, would be thrilled at the mention. Well written, sir.