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Wednesday, 10 January 2007

rise up

Show that you rise up against the 'system' with buying our new designer Che shirt for only $80. Made in a sweatshop factory in Korea, it is a quality product. Give the finger to the man with one of these limited made shirts. Only 10,000 available at your local Gap. Look closely and you will not only see a certificate of authenticity on the tag but a copyright symbol to prove how rebellious you really are. Not one of those other copycats with their cheap and fake Che shirts, this was endorsed by the man himself. Don't forget about our Mao pants and Lenin hats to complete your wardrobe.

"they are paying me to record this, even more if you hear it" - saul williams


Tomby Stone said...

Beautiful, this is the kind of thing where you hit the core of the point so hard that the rest of the idea comes to the reader automatically. Beyond proud to have you on board sailor. I wish I coul be so succinct and elegant with my points, really.

tammy said...
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tammy said...

I would love a pair of Pres. Bush panties. Plastic. Made in Taiwan, of course. With "remember 9/11" stitched across the backside.

joseph dozat said...

Yeah, John, this was perfect. I'm pretty sure that you should be the one to choose next month's topic, just based on how well you nailed this. However, I've no pull here, so you'll just have to whine and whine.


Furtanken said...

Fuck me, it's Johnny Durden.

Steven said...

john, korea does not have any sweatshops
I like the blog though