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Friday, 24 July 2009


No, not really. I'm going to just re-use one of my first bits on the subject as best as I can remember it.

"So, I don't know if I'm queer or not... It's worrying because, I'm terrified of dicks. Not this one(points at Sgt. Terror) we got a good thing going. But I had a moment recently watching the movie Smokin' Aces. HEY, any man who can't admit Ryan Reynolds is a pretty man is gay by default!! Anyway, there's this big ending where my little Ry-Ry has this hero moment... Quoth George Kostanza, 'It moved'. Not that I sprung a bedpost sized erection, it was more like when you're in a department store and see a cute saleswoman undressing a mannequin and you just get that little... twinge. Eh whatever."

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Tombington Stonewall the 3rd said...

Is that the guy who's married to Scarlettt Johhhnannsnssson ?? I've never seen him and know nothing more about him than that but that's enough to let me know I'd pitch a circus tent watching the guy die a slow painful death.