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Friday, 20 March 2009


I'm in love.


I said it.

Bring on the cliches.

Bring on the taunting.

I'm taking all comers.

The fact is, I'm happier now than I can remember being for what feels like forever.

And whether it lasts another week or forever, at least I'll be able to say "I felt something once. And I liked it."

Is this a confession? Or is it merely an admission?

I'm not sure.

The word confession gives the sense of owning up to a wrongdoing. And I've definitely done no wrong here (at least not yet).

So I admit, I'm in love.

As for a confession...

I remember stealing cash and various products from a former employer. Thousands of dollars worth.

They had no idea. I had free food and drink.

Win. Win.


Walch said...

I'm not buying any of that happy joker shit.


Tomby Stone said...

I love you too, honeydumpling.

In all honesty though it's nice to hear. Obviously I'd be taunting you if I weren't too hungover to be my usual mindblowingly witty self but it is nice to see somebody happy and in love and all that corny stuff.

Anonymous said...

Well for fuck's sake just don't marry him/her. Better to let love bloom and then die on the vine than to pick it and put it on a shelf where you can watch it slowly wither.

But then, I'm a romantic.