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Thursday, 24 April 2008

I wear my influences like a drunken bum wears vomit

I'd like to say that there was a huge influence in my life but really there hasn't been one figure that has stood out. At certain times I was interested or influenced but these influences have not held on to all my life.

For me, an influence can be anything. It can be getting punched in the face by the drunk at the bar when you are being an arrogant cunt. Also it can be when you are taking a shit and realizing you are out of toilet paper and have to run upstairs for it with your cock flapping in the wind.

At the end of the day influences are like puke and shit. You might take a bunch of crap in, but it's going to come out as a fucking mess. However this mess is uniquely different from anyone elses mess. You show your influences with the excrement that comes out; a convoleted mess.

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Tomby Stone said...

That really is a great concept, well written too. If all creativity is shit then surely this is the type pretty Japanese girls squeeze out into each other's mouths. The best type there is.