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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

There was this big bang once, now we're learning to use our thumbs

Think about yourself for a minute.

Your existence.

Your DNA.

Think about how you got here. On this planet. In this universe.

Think about how, some time ago, your parents got together. And they fucked. Their genes mingled and the results was you.

That sort of stuff has been happening for a long time.

Ever since life first popped up on this little blue dot of ours.

Now think about this for a minute...

Between that first spark of life, that single cell of existence. Between it and you there is an unbroken line of decent, of life.

Millions upon millions of years have passed. Countless generations of all kinds of animals have evolved between then and now, culminating in you.

You carry within you. In your DNA. The traces of all those myriad life forms.

But don't start to think you're special now. You are not the pinnacle of anything. You are not the king of the hill. You're just another step in the road.


John said...

I leave traces of my DNA in the shower.

I like your post.

Tomby Stone said...

Well thanks for ruining my idea by doing first, and better. I HATE you. Did you know we're all literally stardust though ?? You didn't did you ???? You fuck, you fucking fuck. Don't start thinking yer clever or nothin'.

I always wanted to be Vegas said...

Nice title.

And a sobering thought. I didn't even get drunk first.