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Thursday, 1 March 2007

Schooltime memories.

I don't have them.
A friend recently reminded me of a number of things I'd forgotten about at school.
Does this bother me?
Probably not. I don't know. If it did I'm sure I'd know.
What I don't know encompasses most things.
I'm an expansive not knower.
What I do know is this:
Kids, adults are lying to you.
If the years at school really were the best of your life: why are they still living?
If they knew absolutely they've had the best time of their lives already, and it was only going to go downhill they wouldn't bother to carry on.
Me? Yes, I had some good times at school, but mostly it was boring and I couldn't wait to have it done with.
Look at me here. It's a Thursday night: A school night and I'm drunk.
I win kids.


Tomby Stone said...

I love the way this ends, it's easy to forget how good it is to be able to sit at a computer in the small hours drunk as Hell, ofcourse I could always do that but then I was the super cool james dean type schoolkid, I'm glad you geeky types have been able to catch up to me.

Furtanken said...

Hahaha... nice one.